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New Release of Video Time Pro (Version 1.1)

by Stefan Scholz -

Today, we've released the next version of Video Time Pro.

Version 1.1 has three new features which customers have asked us about and we love them:

  1. Resume your video where you left off 
  2. Add and configure a "next activity" button displayed above video player
  3. Automatically load the next activity when the student completes the video

The update is available from now on. As always, first download the new free version from the moodle database, then update the pro version from the member's area on

If you're using Video Time Pro on totara, please contact us, we've got something special for you coming up. 

Happy watching!

New Plugin: Kickstart Course Wizard available!

by Stefan Scholz -

As announced earlier on this site, our new plugin Kickstart is available from now on and can be tested on this site. The plugin tries to improve the learning experience by helping teachers to create better courses.

When a teacher usually enters his "new course" provided by the course creators, he sees an empty course skeleton. With our new plugin, he can select a ready-made template which already has all course settings pre selected. This means he can directly start adding his content. 

When students enter a course before the teacher has added content, the student does not see the empty skeleton, but a simple notification that no content has yet been added (when using the free version) or the course image, title, description and a gallery of the staff enrolled into the course (when using the pro version)

–> For teachers, this results in less work.

–> For organizations, it means more consistent courses.

–> For students, it means a better learning experience.

Check it our for yourself in our showcases category:

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Announcement: Kickstart Course Wizard will be released soon

by Stefan Scholz -

We are very happy to announce our next plugin. As always, we try to make using moodle easier and more effective, providing a better user experience for the teacher/author and a better learning experience for the student.

Kickstart is a course wizard which gives teachers easy access to ready-made course templates. Simply choose the template which is best suited for your course and all the configuration, layout and structure will be ready immediately. Stay tuned for the complete feature list, which will be made available soon here and in the plugin database. 

As usual, there is a free version which will be available in the official plugin database, and a professional version with even more features.

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